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Healthy Living

In addition to the following links to Healthy Living resources, the Herrick Library subscribes to the following relevant magazines. The Library also subscribes to 21 newsletters from the Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, and others. Click here to view our Magazines & Newsletters page.

• Cooking Light • Prevention
• Health • Vegetarian Times
• Men's Health • Vibrant Life
• Mother Earth Living • Weight Watchers Magazine
• Natural Health • Yoga Journal


ChooseMyPlate - The U.S. Department of Agriculture provides this website based on the 2010 MyPlate food guidance system. Includes information on the five food groups, physical activity, tips and resources, weight loss, and interactive tools. MiPlato: Información en Español

Dietary Guidelines for Americans - This U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website provides information on the 2010 guidelines and includes tools, reports and research, and related resources.

Eatright.org - The American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics includes information about childhood obesity, healthy weight loss, and a complete section of food and nutrition topics.

Healthy Eating Made Easier© - This website is funded by the nonprofit Dairy Council of California, a state government entity. Registered dietitians write the articles and develop the online tools. Meal planning tools, healthy eating, meals and recipes, nutrition and fitness tools, and healthy kids sections include information, interactive tools, and quizzes.

The Nutrition Source - This website is maintained by the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. It explores the latest science about diet and nutrition and answers key questions about what you should eat. Sections include healthy eating plate, healthy drinks, salt and sodium, preventing diabetes, recipes, staying active, healthy weight, and a Nutrition A to Z section.


American Council on Exercise (ACE) - Sections include fit facts, health & fitness tips, fitness Q&A, getting started with exercise, a complete exercise library with instructions and photos, healthy recipes, and research/studies on types of exercises and exercise tools.

Exercise and Physical Activity for Older Adults - NIHSeniorHealth from the National Institute on Aging lists the benefits of exercise, exercises to try, how to stay active, and has videos demonstrating different types of exercises.

Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans - This U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website provides information based on the 2008 guidelines, including Be Active Your Way: A Guide for Adults. Información en Español: Manténgase Activo a Su Manera: Guía para Adultos.

Healthy Living

DrWeil.com™ - This website is a consumer resource for healthy living based on an integrative medicine philosophy. Sections include Ask Dr. Weil, “health centers” about various conditions and age/gender groups, supplements and herbs, and balanced living.

Healthfinder.gov - This U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website has information on more than 1,600 health topics. There is a quick search to find information based on age/gender. The Quick Guide to Healthy Living page includes information on nutrition and fitness, important screening tests, heart health, and everyday health and wellness, as well as sections for parents, women, and older adults. Includes interactive PHR (Personal Health Tools) to check your health, get personalized advice, and track your health. Información en Español.

Mayo Clinic.com Healthy Lifestyle Information - Includes sections on nutrition and healthy eating, fitness, sexual health, birth control, weight loss, quit smoking, stress management, and consumer health. Also provides information by life stages (pregnancy, child, and adult) as well as healthy recipes. The multimedia section features images, interactive graphics, recipe videos, and slide shows.

Medline Plus: Healthy Living - U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health provide links to other websites on a variety of healthy living topics.

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