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Movie Matinee

Dr. William C. Herrick Community Health Care Library Movie Matinee Wednesday, December 10, 2014 The Gathering Movie Starts at 12 Noon. Featuring Edward Asner, Maureen Stapleton, Rebecca Balding, Bruce Davidson. When Adam Thornton (Asner) learns that his time on earth is limited, he decides to make peace with his family. They are not exactly fond of him because of his ill-tempered and stubborn nature. He walked out on his wife and four children and and has not spoken to his youngest son in years after an argument in which he was in the wrong. Desperate, Adam asks his estranged wife Kate (Stapleton) to help him find his son. When his doctor says that he should not travel, she suggests that they invite the whole family for Christmas. While most of them came, Adam’s attempt at reconciliation will not be easy. Hanna-Barbera Productions Directed by Randal Kleiser Not Rated; 94 minutes; 1977.

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