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Gift & Donation Policy


The Library considers gift materials using the same principle it utilizes to purchase materials for its general collections: the Library acquires books in the health sciences to support the needs of the lay public. Gifts that, in the Library's discretion, do not support the principle may be given free to other libraries or to library patrons, donated to a charitable organization, or disposed of. The Library also reserves the right, where applicable, to offer such books for sale. Proceeds from such sales are used to purchase materials for the Library's general collections.

Specialized gifts donated by members of the East County community will be reviewed and considered for the Library's historical or special collections. In general, historical books are those that are at least 50 years old, but more recent works will be considered if they are of special interest. Prospective donors should contact the Library Director for further information. If all or any part of a proposed gift is not appropriate for addition, the Library, in its discretion, may elect to refer the proposed gift to other libraries.

Unsolicited gifts that are left at the front desk will be reviewed for appropriateness. The Library reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, the extent to which such gifts support the health care needs of the lay public. Donations that are not supportive of these health care needs may be redistributed as outlined above.

The following materials are not accepted by the Library unless they meet the historical criteria:

  • Textbooks
  • Materials that are more than five years old
  • Materials that are not healthcare oriented
  • Works of fiction
  • Books that are in unusable condition, e.g., highlighted, underlined, dirty, torn, etc.

Medical Memorabilla

The Library has received numerous instruments, equipment, and artifacts of historical significance to the health professions. These items were acquired either by District purchase or by way of private donation and are a part of the Library's permanent exhibit collection. In accepting the donated items, the District has agreed to preserve the materials, if possible, and to exhibit them for public education on a variable basis.

The District reserves the right to review all donated items prior to acceptance into the exhibit collection. This review process will consider, among other factors, appropriateness, physical condition and fragility, and space availability.


The District and the Library welcome requests to accept loans of special collections or memorabilia for temporary exhibition. The owner of such collections shall bear and retain all risks of loss or damage to any property accepted for temporary exhibition. Neither the Library nor the District will assume responsibility for any damage, destruction, deterioration, theft, or disappearance of loaned materials.

Acknowledgement of Gifts

Donors will be acknowledged by first and last name only (not by the specific nature of the gift) in the next issue of the Library's quarterly newsletter. If a donor would like a letter acknowledging the gift, he/she must complete the donor information form and request an acknowledgement letter. The donor is solely responsible for estimating the value of the donation for tax purposes.

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