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Current Art Exhibit

Winter Art Exhibit featuring Corinne Latorre

Sophie’s Art Gallery, the off-campus art program of St. Madeline Sophie's Center is the current exhibit at the Herrick Community Care Library. Sophie's Gallery provides opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities to express their rich inner lives through a variety of art media.

Corinne Latorre is a painter at Sophie's Art Gallery, the art program of St. Madeleine Sophie's Center. Corinne has produced a body of action paintings that are complex and meditative at the same time. Her physical gestures of horizontal brushwork and layers of dripped paint are wave-like and soothing to the eye. When Corrine paints, she is serene and confident. She connects with the freedom of expressing herself with bold strokes of colorful paint and finds solace in watching the paint drip.

A selection of Corinne's paintings as well as a collection of felt multi-media by several other artists will be on display at the Herrick Library from mid-January through mid-March. You can also visit Sophie's Art Gallery in downtown El Cajon at 109 Rea Avenue or learn more at www.stmsc.org.

Corinne Latorre

Corinne Latorre Ambient Visions

Corinne Latorre Artwork

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